Pinder plant roll with Ammann

April 21, 2020

A family run plant hire business that pride themselves on a dependable and trustworthy approach, Pinder Plant Ltd. have recently added to their hire fleet with the addition of several new compaction machines. 

Tucked away in the humble backstreets of Wakefield, Pinder Plant Ltd. take an old-fashioned approach to doing business, whilst maintaining a fresh and modern hire fleet. With a personal and conscientious approach, they have set themselves apart from some of their larger competitors in the area in a part of the country that proudly holds traditional values to heart.

With their team of six full time staff, including several family members, the Pinder team currently run over 250 items in their fleet including various sized tandem rollers, trench rollers, 2.5 – 0.8t excavators, traffic management equipment, access platforms down to compaction plates and small tools. All the equipment in their fleet is run to a strict regeneration program ensuring that all machines are clean, tidy and most importantly reliable for their customers.

A diverse customer base ensures a wide range of applications need to be covered, but it is Local Authorities work that provides a stable workstream that provides real stability for their business during uncertain times. The utilities work being undertaken in the area provides a constant demand for their products, but it is the way that the team at Pinder Plant treat their customers that really sets them apart. As with any family run business, pride in their work is clear to see and they often go above and beyond to ensure their customers’ demands are met.

Peter Derry, Pinder Plant Ltd Managing Director said; “We care about what we do and how we do it. Keeping the customer happy means that there is a tomorrow for us, so letting people down isn’t an option. I am not saying that our competitors in the area don’t care about their customer, just that we do.

“I have always believed that your kit represents you when it is out on site. That is why we all work hard to make sure all of our kit is not only fit for purpose, but also looks the part too. It is because of this we continually invest in new equipment – that way our customers know exactly what they are getting when they give us a call. But for us to be able to give this level of service, we need to get the same from our suppliers. We need the best quality products, with after sales support that matches our own standards and in Molson Compact, we have found this to be the case”.

The most recent investment has seen the addition of several pieces of Ammann compaction equipment, supplied by Molson Compact Equipment. With an Ammann ARX12 (80mm) tandem roller, APR 1575 trench roller and a handful of compaction plates including the 12/40 and 18/40 being added to the fleet, they now hold a comprehensive collection from the Swiss manufacturer that’s equipment is known for delivering some of the best compaction rates available.

Peter went on to say; “We really like the Ammann products and so do our customers. I suppose, like with us, it is the little things that matter – the attention to detail that really sets them apart. An example of this for me is the clean side on the ARX12. All other manufacturers that we have seen have plates on each side of the drum that protrude outside the width of the drum – this stops the operator getting perfectly parallel with a wall when rolling pavements for example. However, the “clean side” on the ARX12 allows operators to get perfectly flat with a wall and roll the asphalt clean against it. This stops the need to then go over the area with a plate or other compaction equipment which takes more time and could result in an uneven finish”.