June 2, 2016

The West Bromwich based company has taken on its own Aldi challenge as the go- to contractor for the supermarket chain – named Britain’s Best by consumer group Which? – as it continues to challenge the established retailers and open more units.

And Aldi’s success has proven to be a portent to that of JB Construction’s as its growth has mirrored the retailer’s expansion.

After two years of rapid growth the rm has just moved into new headquarters with of ce space, a plant yard and storage. In fact the team is so busy it is already going through the process of expanding its of ce space into the building next door.

That ever growing workload and the rush of Aldi store openings show no sign of letting up and Molson is delighted to be able to ease the burden on the JB Construction team by helping manage its plant.

Recently the team recognised it needed to expand its fleet with the addition of two new Hyundai R80CR-9A midi excavators alongside a Kobelco SK55SRX and an SK30SR-5 mini excavator.

The machines offer real bang for their buck and their high performance is ideally suited to the work the JB Construction team carries out.

Molson Group area sales manager James Dodkins helped the team work out which excavators would be of bene t.

He said: “We spent a lot of time making sure we had lined up exactly the right excavators for the JB Construction workload. The team needed a variety of machines that would be capable of carrying out groundworks in small, con ned spaces and yet have enough power and capacity to really churn out the volume when required.”

Alongside all these new excavators the JB Construction team took a versatile breaker attachment that can be slipped onto all of its new machines to help when the team is chiselling out hard ground, through tough concrete or asphalt surfacing.

The Alicon B30 breaker from specialist tool producer Daemo is ideally suited to the newly acquired excavators, particularly the smaller models, and once again proves that good things come in small packages.

The new Alicon series of attachments from Daemo is lighter, stronger and more powerful than its previous breakers.

They are more robust than previous models thanks to an enlarged T/Bolt diameter and an alteration with the box housing.

By changing the hose connecting port the design team at Daemo have ensured that there is a reduction in possible fail points such as connected bolt breakage and oil leakage.

There are a host of options across the Alicon series of breakers including the anti-blank ring on/off valve, total power control (TPC) system, internal relief valve, BPM adjuster, provision hole for underwater works and the auto grease system.

The anti-blank ring system also helps to increase the life of the breaker (Chisel Pins, T/Bolts, F/Heads, etc.) while the redesigned chisel pin has also helped boost performance and durability as well as increasing the ability to apply a more powerful impact thanks to its increased diameter.

There are now 17 different attachments across the Alicon range which is designed to meet any work conditions. Some of the options are only available on the larger attachments.

The Alicon B30 breaker that the JB Construction team opted for has an operating weight of 190Kg with an overall length of 1352mm. Its chisel diameter measure 53mm and chisel length 580mm. It has a working pressure of 90- 120kgf/cm2 and a hammer speed of 550- 950bpm.

James said: “The team at JB Construction has taken four exceptional excavators in the Hyundai R80CR-9A, Kobelco SK55SRX and SK30SR-5 but it is just as important to have the right attachment. The Daemo B30 breaker is a fantastic, robust, effective piece of equipment.”