Molson Group and SMP offer the complete package

March 6, 2019

Molson Group are pleased to announce they have been appointed the dealer of SMP tilt rotators for England, Scotland and Wales.

For over 30 years SMP have been producing a high-quality range of attachments, buckets and tilt rotators from their state-of-the-art factory in Ilsbo, Sweden. SMP design and build a comprehensive range of tilt rotators to fit excavators ranging from 3t (the ST6) all the way up to 30t (the ST28). The range is comprised of seven models, all painted in a striking blue colour.

The full SMP range is now being rolled out across the Molson Equipment, Molson Compact Equipment and Molson Young Plant Sales businesses, with units available from the 1st June 2019.

By offering the full SMP range, in conjunction with existing brands in the portfolio such as Kobelco and Hyundai, Molson Group will be able to offer customers throughout the UK a one stop shop for anyone looking to source an excavator and tilt rotator package from an established dealer.

Molson Group have sold a number of tilt rotators from a range of brands over recent years, and will continue to maintain a strong relationship with these businesses. Molson will also continue to support customers with warranty work, parts and servicing requirements on legacy units.

Jonathan Wilson, Molson Group joint Managing Director said “SMP have a great approach to business. They listened to what we explained was necessary for their product to be successful in the UK and are working with us to deliver the best possible solution. I can see that this approach, along with their excellent product design and build quality, will give us a unique offer to both existing and new customers”.

Hans Hanses, SMP Parts AB Managing Director said “Molson Group offer a unique route to market for SMP. Not only do they have a large, effective sales team, they also have the knowledge, skills and scale in their aftersales team to support customers to the level required to change the current landscape of the UK tilt rotator market”.

Hans went on to say “Molson Group have already had success in converting customers to adopting tilt rotator technology. This ability to educate customers to the benefits of adopting this technology, along with the ability to offer a complete package to customers using a premium quality base machine, will make it a compelling proposition”.