Major Molson Supplier, Xwatch Safety Solutions, Merges With Hexagon

May 8, 2024

One of the main advantages of dealing with Molson has always been that you get ‘more than just a machine’. By sourcing your equipment from Molson, you also get the unrivalled back-up of extensive service and parts covering the whole of the UK. What’s more, thanks to our longstanding relationship with Xwatch, you can specify exceptional levels of site safety too, using the very latest in equipment control technology.

Xwatch keeping your site safe

Installing Xwatch on your Kobelco excavator, or other construction equipment, helps you to create a safer site in so many ways. The only safety system of its type to have earned Network Rail Product Acceptance, Xwatch provides a range of safety features that enhance proactive risk management, improve decision making and create a safer site for both machine operators and other site personnel.

Xwatch safety systems require minimal operator training, yet they can significantly raise the bar for safety on site. Xwatch features include:

  • Height Control – delivering ramped hydraulic slow down and soft stop to prevent machine bounce, as well as reducing over- and under-shoot
  • Slew Control – controlling the slew of almost any machine to enhance safety and increase productivity
  • Rated Capacity Indicator – allowing operators to work at maximum lifting capacity without exceeding the machine’s safe working load
  • Dig Depth Indicator – allowing excavator operators to dig to specified depths without the need for independent verification
  • Creep Control –slowing machines down hydraulically to a creep speed if an obstruction is detected

Joining forces with Hexagon

Following many years of successful operations, Xwatch has joined forces with Hexagon to give the company the financial support it needs to grow, backed by global expertise and market reach.

“Joining Hexagon represents a transformative opportunity for us to push the boundaries of safety technology in the construction industry,” says Dan Leaney, Director of Sales and Operations at Xwatch. “It will allow us to leverage Hexagon’s global expertise and reach, bringing our cutting-edge safety solutions to a wider audience and significantly impacting worker safety worldwide.”

Remaining a key offering from Molson

The company will continue to trade under the established and respected Xwatch brand name, with Xwatch systems available from Molson on our full suite of Kobelco excavator and all other excavators in our extensive range.

For example, one of Xwatch’s very first customers, Flannery Plant, recently took delivery of a new shipment of Kobelco excavators from Molson Group. These were all fitted with XW5 safety systems from Xwatch. MJ Church have also taken delivery of two SK500 Kobelco excavator from the Molson Avonmouth depot. One was fitted with the XW2 system for height, radius and workload monitoring, while the second was fitted with an XW5 system offering total protection for height, slew and RCI.

“Molson Group is an excellent partner to Xwatch,” says Jemma Dycer-Hopkins, Xwatch Sales and Business Development Manager, and Stuart Butler, Molson Sales Director for Construction, couldn’t agree more:

“Xwatch is an integral part of the Molson offering when it comes to Kobelco excavators and other similar machines,” he says. “Their innovation and engineering excellence means Molson can offer our customers so much more in terms of site and operator safety, increasing productivity while significantly reducing risk.

“We are delighted to see the Xwatch company go from strength to strength with their new partnership with Hexagon. We look forward to seeing how much further they can push the boundaries in the crucial field of site safety technology as part of this new business partnership.”

To find out more about how Xwatch from Molson can enhance safety on your site, get in touch today.