Molson Delivers State-of-the-art Electric Sennebogen Material Handler to Fm Conway

April 10, 2024

Here at Molson, our extensive range of equipment covers the full spread of sizes, from mini excavators to massive screening trommel systems. But few of our machines come close to the size of the 26m reach Sennebogen 865E tracked material handler, which we recently supplied to FM Conway’s Thames-side wharf at Erith.

Supporting self-sufficiency

The new fully electric Sennebogen 865E, as featured in the May edition of Hub4 magazine, forms a vital link in the company’s supply chain. FM Conway’s business model is based on being self-sufficient, securing and stocking its own materials, including aggregates delivered via boats and barges on the Thames.

With as many as five deliveries per week, of up to 5000t, the company needed a materials handler with a capacity and reliability they could count on. They were also keen to cut their fuel costs and increase their sustainability by limiting carbon emissions.

Expert help and advice

With very specific requirements, the FM Conway team met with the experts at Molson Green to decide on their best materials handling option. Having used Sennebogen machines for over 13 years, they wanted to continue with the trusted brand.

The Molson Green team recommended the 100 tonne Sennebogen 865E fully electric hybrid recovery tracked material handler – the first of this model to be imported to the UK. Working together, FM Conway and Molson Green individually specified the machine to meet the precise demands of its role, selecting the B24 Port set up with a 3m3 Exstel clamshell. The Sennebogen machine was also fitted with remote CCTV that can see deep into the hold, and XWatch XW4 height and slew safety controls.

“We were delighted to work with the FM Conway team to establish the exact requirements for their new material handler,” says Stuart Butler, Molson Green director for London. “As the main Sennebogen dealer for the UK, we were able to supply a machine that not only met their capacity needs, but also helped them to achieve their environmental targets”.

An instant success

“Following six months of almost daily use, we know we have made the right choice, as the Sennebogen has been flawless in use,” said Mark Whelehan, Head of Major Projects for FM Conway. “It has massively increased our productivity in the short time it has been here”.

The new Sennebogen material handler has increased the wharf’s capacity to around 420 tonnes per hour, an increase of over 100,000 tonnes per year compared to their previous Sennebogen machine.

Sennebogen sustainability

In addition to its impressive handling capacity, the Sennebogen 865E delivers all the benefits of a fully electric machine, including reduced running costs and significantly lower maintenance. It also produces almost no noise pollution to disturb neighbouring residential areas. It generates no carbon emissions from fossil fuels at source and has the added benefit of also removing the risks associated with refuelling on site.

The Sennebogen machine is powered by a 250kW electric motor, supplied by a fixed cable on a self-adjusting reel.

Molson service and support

With a constant stream of vessels arriving at the Erith wharf, it is essential that FM Conway’s new Sennebogen machine is always ready to receive them. Fortunately, the unrivalled network of Molson field engineers, combined with the extensive parts provision at 16 Molson depots nationwide, including London, means our customers can count on prompt, professional service when it matters most.

FM Conway were as impressed with the service and support they got from Molson as they were with the machine itself. Mark Whelehan summed up our performance, saying: “On the rare occasions that we had to speak to the Molson team, their response has been second to none.”

To find out more about the Molson Green range of Sennebogen materials handlers, including the latest, cutting edge fully electric machines, get in touch with our team today. Our experts are on hand to help you select the optimal machine for your needs and provide all the service and support you need to get the maximum return on your investment.