The Kobelco Sk380srlc – Built for Perfectionists

April 24, 2024

Last month, we looked at the new full-page Molson advertisement that many readers will have seen across the trade press. This month, we’re going to take a closer look at another advert, this time for one of our most popular machines – the Kobelco SK380SRLC.

Molson are a main stockist for the Kobelco excavator range, including the SK380SRLC. You’ll find this powerful and versatile machine listed along with more than thirty other Kobelco excavators on our website. You’ll also find Kobelco excavators in our used equipment range, offering the option of lower prices when you select fully refurbished pre-owned equipment.

Trust the original

The new Kobelco SK380SRLC advert features the impressive excavator in the familiar Kobelco company colours, digging on a vacant lot in a town centre. It includes four key stats for the machine, including:

  • Operating weight – 36,800 to 39,200kg
  • Engine power – 210kW
  • Minimal swing radius
  • 3-year warranty or 3000 hours (including parts, labour and travel).

A smaller insert shows the interior of the cabin, which boasts ‘unforgettable comfort’.

Together, these selling points support the claim that the Kobelco SK380SRLC is ‘built for perfectionists. However, if you download the brochure from the Molson website, you’ll see that these impressive statistics barely scratch the surface when it comes to the reasons to buy a Kobelco SK380SRLC.

Kobelco SK380SRLC Brochure

Premier operator comfort

The ergonomic focus on the operators, which is hinted at in the advert, goes further than most machines of this type. Enhanced comfort features include:

  • Air suspension seat – for enhanced shock absorption
  • Air conditioning – with airstreams at waist and neck level
  • Ergonomic lever angles – to reduce operator fatigue from twisting
  • Cube design cab – to make the operating space as large as possible
  • Air-tight door – to reduce noise and prevent the encroachment of dust
  • Low vibration – with coil springs for small vibrations and silicone oil filled suspension mounts for heavy vibrations

Power boost performance

The SK380SRLC also includes Kobelco Power Boost, giving operators the option of extra power and performance when they need it most – and for as long as they need it for. This innovative system gives an instant 10% power boost, for example:

  • Maximum bucket digging force increases from 189kN to 208kN with Power Boost
  • Maximum arm crowding Force increases from 126kN to 139kN with Power Boost

The Power Boost works in addition to the already impressive power of the Kobelco SK380SRLC, which delivers 210kW from the engine for a 314kN drawbar pulling force, even over rough terrain, and a lifting capacity of 12,390kg (on ground level over front at 6m reach).

Compact operation

Despite the power and performance of the Kobelco SK380SRLC, the short radius design means that it is still able to operate in even the narrowest of spaces. This allows operators to work in just a single lane of the roadway without encroaching on the other lanes.

What’s more, the swing of the machine is driven by an exclusive system which automatically delivers power to the arm without the need to switch modes during side digging or back filling.

“You need to be bold and confident to describe your machines as built for perfectionists,” says Molson Sales Director, John Beard. “But Kobelco have earned that right with the SK380SRLC. Combining power and performance, with comfort and compact operation, even a perfectionist would find it hard to find fault with this superb excavator.”

To find out more about the Kobelco excavator range from Molson, covering everything from the Kobelco SK08 mini excavator, to the giant SK850LC and SK1300LC crawler excavators, contact the Molson sales team today or check out the range on our website.