Sennebogen Company Profile – User Focused Material Handlers

April 24, 2023

In their own words, Sennebogen specialise in ‘big machines that make big things happen’. As the UK’s main Sennebogen dealer, Molson offers an extensive range of Sennebogen material handlers, both new and used, from waste and scrap handlers to timber handlers and specialist port equipment.

Who are Sennebogen?

Sennebogen is a world leader in material handlers with over seventy years’ experience. The company was founded in Germany in 1952 by 21-year-old entrepreneur Erich Sennebogen, and it is still a family business, now run by Erich’s two sons, Erich and Walter.

Originally specialising in agricultural machines, the company quickly expanded its range to include material handlers for other industries. Sennebogen manufactures ‘made in Germany quality’ at five factories in Bavaria as well as at two locations in Hungary. The company also has subsidiaries in the United States and Singapore.

Sennebogen employs over 2,200 people worldwide, and exports to over 100 countries across the globe, with an annual turnover of over €600 million (£514 million).

Why choose Sennebogen material handlers?

Sennebogen describes the company’s strengths as ‘modular solutions and specialised customer-specific machines’. As their website explains: ‘We give everything to ensure that your Sennebogen machine meets your every need.’

Sennebogen material handlers are designed with the end user in mind, using what the company describes as ‘manageable technology’, which is ‘never over-engineered’. Molson Commercial Director, Phil Bates, explains how this benefits the end user:

“The ergonomic, user-focussed approach of Sennebogen creates well-thought-out machines, with increased efficiency and long service life, that deliver reduced operating costs,” he says. “This includes thoughtful design in areas such as accessibility of systems and maintenance points, clear markings, intelligibility of error codes and usability of manuals.”

Sennebogen material handlers at Molson

The Molson range of Sennebogen material handlers includes almost sixty new machines, with something to suit all sizes of operation across a wide range of industries. From the 11.5 tonne 355E telehandler with an 8.5m reach, to the 420 tonne 895E scrap handler with an impressive 40m reach.

The models available cover Sennebogen telehandlers, scrap handlers, waste handlers, timber handlers and port handlers, all with high load capacities and long reach. Each model is specifically designed for both its task and its operators, and each is available with a wide range of options to make your machine even more project specific.

“Sennebogen provides unparalleled configurations,” explains Phil. “From the modular set-up of existing machines to your exact specifications, to bespoke, customer-specific solutions, Sennebogen has the flexibility and engineering expertise to rise to any task. As the Sennebogen website states, the more complex your requirement, the stronger their solutions are.”

Leading the way in energy efficiency

As well as delivering a wide range of flexible, user-focussed material handlers, Sennebogen are also leading the way in environmentally friendly engineering. Smart design solutions have increased energy efficiency across the range, with new electric-powered material handlers and hybrid machines available as an option for most configurations.

These state of the art machines deliver more power while using less energy and producing lower emissions. This not only helps customers to meet tough environmental regulations, but also satisfies the demands of their clients and shareholders.

“The Sennebogen range supports many of our customers as they work towards net zero goals,” says Phil. “Their electric and hybrid machines provide all of the power and performance of the diesel equivalents, with far lower emissions, and often lower running costs too.”

For more information on the Sennebogen material handlers range, download the brochures on the Molson website now, contact the Molson Sales Team or complete the contact form online.