A Unique Preview of Hyundai Excavators

April 3, 2024

When it comes to choosing the right equipment for the job, it helps to understand your options in as much detail as possible.

Here at Molson, we provide downloadable brochures for every single one of our Hyundai excavators, from the compact HX10A mini excavator right up to the powerful HX520A L. These brochures detail all the technical specifications and expand on the main advantages of choosing each machine, from performance and capability, to user comfort and site safety features.

You’ll often get the opportunity to see new equipment at regular trade shows, such as Plantworx, where manufacturers show their machines in action.

Naturally, our highly experienced sales team are also on hand to help you make your selection. They’ll get to know your business and your projects inside out, so that they can offer informed advice on everything from spec and options, to finance and service plans.

An operator’s point of view

However, nothing compares to the experience of actually using a machine. Unfortunately, unlike a new car, taking a test drive is not always possible, or practical when it comes to equipment such as Hyundai excavators weighing in at 52,000kg. However, thanks to one creative user, you can experience the next best thing.

Danny Davies is an operator for Story Contracting, and he has made a name for himself by sharing videos of Hyundai excavators in action. You’ll find his videos online on Instagram, under the username ‘goldenlevers’. These fascinating videos show you exactly what each machine he operates is capable of, as well as describing the comfort and safety features that he is benefitting from as he works.

A unique perspective

Danny has posted more than 85 videos online, each giving the operator’s unique perspective on the machines he’s using. For example, you’ll find Danny working on the Dore and Totley Station refurbishment, at the controls of the powerful and flexible Hyundai HX235A LCR.

Danny really puts this Hyundai excavator through its paces, demonstrating its lifting power, manoeuvrability and cab comfort. He also shows the benefits of the HX235A LCR’s compact swing radius, as he works safely and easily within the station compound and along the tracks. His entertaining short films have attracted almost 600 followers.

These videos bring the Hyundai excavator to life, lifting its features off the flat brochure page and showing how they translate for real operators in real life site situations. In addition to Danny’s interesting and informative videos, there’s also a video of the station project on the Awesome Earthmovers YouTube channel showing the Hyundai excavator in action.

See for yourself

Phil Bates, Molson Commercial Director, thinks Danny’s videos are a unique and incredibly useful tool for anyone considering purchasing a Hyundai excavator. “At Molson, we try to give our customers as much information as possible when it comes to choosing equipment like Hyundai excavators,” he explains. “But there is no substitute for the hands-on experience of using these machines on site. Danny’s videos put our customers in the driver’s seat, showing why Hyundai excavators are such a popular part of the extensive Molson range. I’d recommend them to anyone who wants to see just how good these machines are in action.”

Hyundai Construction Equipment is a key brand for Molson, with more than 45 new machines available on our website, from Hyundai excavators to wheeled loaders and waste handlers. Plus you’ll find many more Hyundai machines available in our used selection, with an ever changing range of affordable refurbished stock.

To find out more about Hyundai Construction Equipment, contact the Molson team today – or see them in action, on site, in Danny’s videos @goldenlevers on Instagram.