Genuine Parts Make a Genuine Difference From Site Dumpers to Screeners

March 6, 2023

Molson offers genuine parts, approved by the original equipment manufacturers, because we know the difference this makes to confidence and continuity. Only original, authentic parts will deliver the effective, reliable performance you need to protect your machines, maintain productivity and stay on schedule.

Molson has £16 million worth of OEM parts in stock across 13 service centres across the UK, from Avonmouth to Cambridge, London to Inverness. This is backed by an easy-to-use online ordering system that makes it simple and straightforward to find and order exactly the parts you need, from excavators to site dumpers, shredders to screeners.

The problem with generic parts

Generic parts are a false economy and risk compromising the safety, performance and longevity of your equipment, as Shaun Guy, Molson Group Parts Manager explains:

“In order to be able to offer parts at a lower cost, generic manufacturers have to make savings somewhere,” he says. “Non-genuine parts are often untested and are made from inferior materials to much lower standards. They can also be less specific, with one part designed to fit multiple machines, without fitting any of them as well as it should.”

This not only reduces the performance of the parts themselves, but it can also cause damage to the machine and put your operators at risk. Using non-genuine parts will also invalidate your manufacturers’ warranty. If the parts cause damage to your machine, you could end up facing a large repair bill or even writing off the machine altogether, with no cover or compensation.

The benefit of genuine parts

Genuine parts are made by the manufacturer, to the original specifications. They’re designed specifically for your machine and so will fit perfectly, and perform at the highest level, from day one.

“With genuine parts, there’s no risk to your equipment or your team. Genuine parts are a like-for-like replacement, so your machines, from excavators to site dumpers, will continue to operate as well, if not better, than before.”

Genuine replacement parts may even be an improvement on the component they’re replacing. Manufacturers are constantly working to improve their products, and that applies to parts too. By using genuine parts, you can be sure of benefitting from the latest research and development to make your machines the best they can be.

Genuine parts from Molson

“At Molson, we know the benefits of using genuine parts, and we make it easy to get exactly the parts you need, exactly when and where you need them,” says Shaun. “We have a huge range of parts in stock, ready for immediate dispatch, with next day delivery on many items. Our relationship with more than twenty major manufacturers also ensures that we have unrivalled access to all other non-stock components. However unusual or specific your requirements are, Molson can deliver.”

Molson has made ordering online as straightforward as possible. Customers can now simply register for our online parts service, and our team will set up an account with all their equipment pre-listed, so they can find the right parts promptly every time.

“With all of their machines purchased from Molson already loaded into the system, the user simply selects the right excavators or site dumpers, or any other machine, and the platform allows you to drill into the exact part you need for that specific machine,” explains Shaun. “That means no more searching through mountains of parts books, or guessing if you have the right component for your machine. Just order with confidence, at a time that suits you and know exactly when it will arrive so you can plan your team effectively.”

To find out more, and to see how easy it is to use the Molson online parts ordering system, visit our parts page now.