Putting The Screening Trommels On Screen

February 27, 2023

Molson may be known for its big, powerful, mechanical equipment, from screening trommels and crushers to massive materials handlers. However, it’s the digital infrastructure of the business that really underpins its success.

With all their equipment digitised, and in-depth performance data available across the range, Molson has unrivalled information at its fingertips. This data not only benefits the business itself, it also enhances the relationship Molson has with its suppliers, and brings a wealth of benefits to the businesses Molson supplies to.

Going digital with dealerCMD

Molson first made the decision to go digital in 2018, using an enterprise resource planning (ERP) product called dealerCMD from smartCMD to put its screening trommels on screen and dig out the data on its excavators.

“Anything that moves is digitised,” explains Molson founder and group CEO, Robin Powell. “All our equipment, all the machinery. Now we have data on everything. It’s the basis for how we have scaled so rapidly in recent years and how we will grow in the future”.

Building supplier confidence

Molson has used this data to build an in-depth knowledge of the market. This has been invaluable in strengthening their relationships with suppliers, building confidence and increasing their commitment to the company and their investment in stock.

“We’re able to calculate our sales pipeline a year ahead with a degree of accuracy that hasn’t been seen before,” says Powell.

The company uses this data to prove to our manufacturer partners that if they invest in providing Molson with a greater share of their stock, it will get sold. This gives Molson greater access to a greater range of stock, continually improving the solutions it has on offer to customers.

Informing customer choice

The level of data available from Molson not only benefits its own suppliers, but also the companies it supplies. With the launch of fleetCMD, customers can tap into a comprehensive range of statistics and performance data on everything from crawler excavators to screening trommels, to help them manage their entire fleet of machinery on one easy to use platform, ensuring they perform in line with their budget and even for their environmental targets.

“Having this kind of information available is invaluable,” says Powell. “It has built further trust between Molson and our customer base”. That trust is reflected in the many glowing testimonials Molson has received from its customers, such as Jonathan Wills, the director of Wills Bros Civil Engineering Ltd, who says:

“I was particularly impressed with the wide range of equipment in the Molson portfolio, (backed by) the latest technology to help make contractors more productive and efficient”.

Expanding the business

As well as benefitting its suppliers and customers, the state of the art ERP system has also helped Molson grow as a company, particularly overseas in places like the United States. The flexible model allows seamless acquisitions, putting the ‘Molson approach’ into practice quickly and easily to deliver the many benefits to a whole new set of customers.

Molson has now acquired several businesses in the US, including well known screening trommel suppliers Powerscreen of California, Powerscreen of Washington and Powerscreen Western. All three have installed the dealerCMD systems as used by Molson, and all three have seen immediate benefits for both their own business and for their customers.

Building for the future

With the help of dealerCDM from smartCDM, Molson is more productive in the present and more prepared for the future. “We are excited by what this means for the future of Molson Group and for the sector as a whole,” says Powell.

If you’d like to see how the data Molson can provide can help your company to make better decisions on your plant purchases, get in touch with their experienced, expert team today. With Molson, you can choose with confidence, with all the information you need to make an informed and inspired decision.