December 14, 2021

Molson Group founding director, Jonathan Wilson, is today stepping down from his role as joint Group Managing Director of the company, after 26 years.

Jonathan Wilson and Robin Powell set up Molson in 1996, and during that time have worked closely to grow the business to its present size, with a turnover of more than £251 million, 19 divisions and 15 locations across the UK.

The two directors, who have remained firm friends throughout, will continue to be business partners in several other ventures.

Robin Powell, now sole Group Managing Director, is proud of what he and Jonathan have achieved together over the past 26 years. He said: “We built Molson Group from the ground up, and whilst there have been tough times, as with any business, we have also experienced tremendous highs and we have always enjoyed working and collaborating  together.”

“I want to take this opportunity to formally acknowledge Jonathan’s huge contribution to the success of the business. His talent and experience have helped shape Molson over the years, and I have learned a great deal from him. Among his many talents are a laser-like ability to focus on the detail, and a gift for building deep and lasting business relationships.”

Jonathan Wilson said: “I am very proud of the success that Robin and I, and our fantastic team, have achieved with Molson Group. I step away safe in the knowledge that the business will continue to thrive and grow in the coming years. I wish Robin and his team every success and will watch with interest as they continue on their journey.”

Powell added: “He will be missed by everyone in Molson Group, but we all wish him the very best with his ongoing business and personal interests.”

Wilson leaves Molson Group in a position of strength, after a record turnover year, with full order books for 2022. Powell comments: “Molson is well prepared for further growth and poised to thrive in a time of dynamic change in the industry. There are exciting developments afoot at Molson, too, with our sector leading IT platform nearing maturity, pioneering fuel efficient and electric vehicles and our involvement with HS2.”

Molson Group, which has its headquarters in Bristol, is the UK’s largest independent supplier of plant and machinery, providing a single source supply to customers in the construction, demolition, ports, recycling and waste management sectors, through its 360° product range. Molson is a fast growth, acquisitional company with ambitious plans for the immediate and longer-term future.

It has a strong focus on sustainability, working with clients to reduce their carbon footprint through the efficient use of machinery using its propriety data technology platform.

 By planning ahead for the future use of hydrogen, by working with manufacturers and by building all new depots as hydrogen ready, Molson is committing to reducing our industry’s carbon footprint and preparing for future growth.