Statom Group Invest £3.5M in Molson Group Equipment

November 2, 2020

Statom Group (formally Gears Group) has recently undertaken a £3.5 million investment in state of the art Construction equipment from Molson Group.

The cache of machinery and equipment is to support Statom Group’s plant and machinery arm, enabling them to provide only the best for their clients and projects.

Construction services company, Statom Group is a long-serving provider of Remediation, Groundworks and Structures solutions for the UK market and has experienced consistent growth year on year, with a significant increase in 2020. It was essential to ensure that the business was well equipped to service the increasing number of new and repeat clients who were requesting Statom Group for their construction service’s needs.

This £3.5 million spend shows Statom Group’s confidence in the UK construction industry despite the COVID 19 outbreak, which has negatively impacted specific areas of the industry. Statom Group enlisted leading construction equipment provider, Molson Group,  due to their wide range of brands, knowledge and excellent service standards.

Statom Group are considerate constructors who care about the environment and more importantly, these new machines are energy-efficient and have a low fuel consumption, all improving their carbon footprint.

With over 40 machines delivered, the bulk of the investment has been on a range of Kobelco excavators, which all comply with stage 5 European emissions standard, as well as including a revolutionary noise reduction system that absorbs the sound to make the machines quieter and ideally suited to the urban environment.

Molson Group Sales Director, Stuart Butler said, “Statom Group work on high profile projects and have built a reputation for exceeding even the most demanding clients demands, so for them reliability is key. With this in mind, Kobelco excavators complete with a comprehensive service plan from Molson service became a natural choice. With the additional benefit of low running cost and high residual values, it was clear that this is the smart choice from all perspectives.

“This latest investment marks the start of an exciting new chapter for Statom Group, one all the team at Molson look forward to supporting them on”.