Keeping the Wheeled Excavators Rolling and the Crushers Crushing

January 29, 2023

With a company like Molson, which handles over £350m worth of equipment every year, you would expect the machinery to be their number one priority.

After all, Molson deal with manufacturers across the globe, including major international names like Hyundai, Kobelco, Husqvarna and NPK. What’s more, they deal with a whole world of equipment, from wheeled excavators to state of the art materials handling machines. The company also trades across the world, with an exciting expansion into the American market well underway.

Tens of thousands of projects use machinery supplied and serviced by Molson. From sorting scrap at Liverpool docks to major mining operations, from building for the future through construction projects, to moving on from the past with demolition, Molson are at the forefront of so many industries.

Yet Molson’s top priority isn’t their machinery; it’s the people who use it.

Customer focussed

As Group Managing Director, Robin Powell, explained in a recent interview with Business Insider, Molson’s priority is, and has always been, their customers.

“Both Jonathan and I knew that the key to making Molson work was how we approached the customer,” he explained, talking about the philosophy he and joint founder Johnathan Wilson had when they started the company in 1996.

“Building strong customer relationships around the globe was in Molson’s DNA right from the outset. The products were almost secondary to building good relationships and trying to keep customers happy.”

Holding the dream

As a new start-up, keeping a customer focus is easy, with just a few customers to look after. But as a company grows, it can be easy to become consumed with the day to day operations and your grand plans for growth, and let that customer focus slip. However, Robin Powell wasn’t about to let that happen to Molson.

“(I felt that) if we can do one thing in this business, it’s retain that DNA of being customer-focused as we grow,” he says. “It’s difficult but not impossible. It’s a challenge you have to invest in”.

Rising to the challenge

Powell and his Molson team have certainly risen to that challenge, gaining a global reputation as a service-first company that puts its customers at the heart of everything it does. Just like he says, they’ve invested heavily to back up their words with a team that can deliver unrivalled levels of customer care.

As they approach thirty years of trading, Molson now boasts 16 sites across the UK, and numerous operations in the United States. They also have a staff of over 400 people, all of whom share the same customer-focus.

This relationships-based approach has helped Molson to build strong trading partnerships with more than thirty-five of the biggest names in the business. These companies want to do business with Molson not just because they are so successful as a supplier, but also because of how they have built that success.

It’s in their DNA

Customer service has been such a pillar of the Molson philosophy that it has become ingrained in the company DNA across all areas of its operations. Whether you are a multi-national manufacturer of wheeled excavators, or a small construction company purchasing a couple of wheeled excavators for your latest project, you’ll get the same personal approach, the same trustworthy treatment and the same full focus from the Molson team.

And as they look to the future, with easy access solutions via their global e-commerce store, Molson are not losing sight of the importance of the real people involved. If anything, they see their digitisation as increasing, rather than eroding those relationships. Powell says that the data Molson can now provide has actually built further trust between the company and its customer base.

To find out more about the difference the Molson customer-focused approach can make for your business, complete the contact form online today or call 01179 820 123.