The Perfect Partner for Molson’s Crushing Machinery

January 8, 2023

Molson are well known across the construction industry for our crushing machinery and materials handling equipment, but it doesn’t stop there. Thanks to our range of Kobelco demolition machines, we can start supporting your site even earlier in the process. Which means that you can get everything you need to demolish, sort and clear a site from one dependable single-source supplier that you know and trust.

Kobelco – Crushing Machinery designed for demolition

The Kobelco range is designed for high performance, low-cost demolition, from foundations right up to heights of 24.7m or over 80 feet. That covers most buildings up to eight stories, including office blocks, former tenement blocks, multi-storey car parks and more. But that’s just its basic function.

With almost 100 years of pioneering experience behind them, Kobelco know that there’s more to equipment design than just raw performance. That’s why their demolition machinery specs go much further, covering the economics, and ergonomics of the machines’ use too.

Kobelco – Crushing machinery designed for you

As well as designing for dependable performance on the job, Kobelco have also designed with users in mind, offering ease and efficiency at every stage. Their team spent years in research and development, listening to feedback from users all across Europe. Using this customer-centric approach, they have created a range of demolition machines that deliver exactly what the market needs, from the accounts office to the end users.

As well as providing exceptional reach and power, the Kobelco demolition range also delivers flexibility, low maintenance, easy assembly and simple transport. This results in lower operating costs, less downtime and a much-improved return on your investment.

Three steps to simplicity and savings

The Kobelco demolition range starts saving you time and money from the very beginning, with a compact modular design that makes the units simple and cost-effective to transport to and from site.

Once there, they can be assembled quickly and easily thanks to their unique block structure and boom joint system. What’s more, ground level piping connections mean, you can get set up and start working fast. Finally, you’ll find that maintenance is just as easy, thanks to the side mounted piping, further reducing downtime.

Versatile on every level

Rather than needing a range of machines, or only being able to work on one level at a time, the Kobelco demolition range offers flexibility across a range of heights. A separate lower boom, complete with a powerful crusher, complements the high reach arm, speeding up work and avoiding delays while different booms and attachments are fitted for different stages of the job.

A 360 degree product range

Demolition machines are just one step in the complete, 360 degree range from Molson, the UK’s largest independent new and used equipment dealer. From demolition equipment to crushing machinery, screening trommels to site dumpers, the Molson team can provide everything you need to clear your site, make the most of your materials and get set for construction.

Just like Kobelco, our Crushing Machinery team are firmly focused on our customers, looking far beyond the machines themselves. Our solutions always consider the men and women who are using our equipment on the front line, on all kinds of projects with all kinds of unique challenges. Our knowledgeable team will work with you to find the equipment that is not only right for the job, but best for your company, your team and your balance sheet too.

To find out more about Molson’s range of Kobelco demolition machines, as well as our crushing machinery, excavators, dumpers and more, get in touch today. With a huge choice of new and carefully selected pre-owned crushing machinery equipment, available from 16 depots across the UK, we’re sure to have the answer you’re looking for.