Wash Plants

Wash plants are essential for aggregate processing projects. A wash plant typically enables operators to achieve superior product classification and sizing by removing dirt, slime, silt, clay and various other types of debris from the product.

Separating these unwanted materials from valuable gravel, sand and crushed aggregate materials has been a difficulty in processing operations for a long time.

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AggReclaim FS+

Wash Plants

Aggreclaim FS+
Sand and Gravel Recovery System
Compact, easily relocatable
Site impact
Reduced infrastructure
Water usage
80% less
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Wash Plants

Over the years, the construction sector’s needs have been achieved with wash equipment designed and built more effectively to resolve these troublesome issues. Wash plants now ensure that construction aggregates, sand and other materials meet rigorous requirements and specifications, to be deemed marketable by industry standards.

The wash plants we have available at Molson Finlay are provided by CDE. Flotation Separation units are also available from AggReclaim.


For over 30 years, CDE has designed, manufactured and commissioned more wet processing plants than any other company in the world. CDE’s mission is to be the number 1 wet processing plant company in every country-. They have delivered almost 2000 projects globally, and their global headquarters in Cookstown, Northern Ireland is the world’s largest campus dedicated to the wet processing of materials in the sand and aggregates, mining, C&D waste recycling, industrial sands and environmental sectors.

This range of wash plants covers many aggregate processing needs and solutions. Each wash plant offers different and unique specifications, which various construction projects can benefit from. We also offer machines in multiple sizes to meet the industry’s needs –  these variations include cyclone sizes, pump sizes, production capacity, sand capacity, install power, water requirements and feed rates.

The Full CDE Range

Our CDE Wash Plant offering consists of:

  • CDE M-Series Integrated Washing Solution
  • CDE EvoWash Sand Classification & Dewatering System
  • CDE AquaCycle Primary Stage Water Treatment
  • CDE AggMax Scrubbing & Classification System


AggReclaim boasts extensive expertise when it comes to manufacturing entry level sand and gravel recovery systems. As a leading wash plant manufacturer, they have many years of experience in an industry that is constantly changing.

Our AggReclaim Wash Plant offering consists of:

AggReclaim FS+

The wash plant products that AggReclaim offer are specifically suited to core recycling, remediation and quarrying sectors. The AggReclaim FS+ Wash Plant machinery has been specifically designed to offer adaptable and compact ways of working. These wash plants also offer cost and energy-efficient solutions, which is increasingly in demand across the construction industry.

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