Bulk Savings for Bullimores Sand and Gravel

June 24, 2022

Downsizing doesn’t have to mean scaling back, as one Northamptonshire aggregate producer has proven. The investment in a compact Terex EvoQuip Colt 800 from UK distributor Molson Finlay, has seen them keep production high and improve their operational efficiency.

Bulk aggregates supplier, Bullimores Sand and Gravel, know a thing or two about the aggregate production function. The business can trace its origins back more than a century, beginning as hauliers and coal merchants in 1907, and it has been trading continuously ever since. Over that time the family-owned sand and gravel suppliers business has used the experience and wealth of knowledge it has built up to expand and develop across several sectors. It moved into the quarrying industry in the 1960’s, plant hire in the 1980’s and skip hire in the 1990’s. Now it employs 80 full-time members of staff across its businesses and has a combined mixed fleet of crushers, screeners, dozers, excavators as well as several tipper lorries. 

A Terex Evoquip colt 800 model in an outdoor setting
Terex Evoquip Colt 800 from Molson Finlay.

Find the Terex EvoQuip Colt 800 Brochure here.

With a heavy workload across the firm, the team at Bullimores Sand and Gravel Ltd was looking for a versatile screener that could supplement its existing equipment. It would be working primarily at the top of one of the Bullimore Sand and Gravel quarries, processing arisings and fill from its skip hire business into top quality recycled topsoil. It also needed the flexibility to be easily transported down to the quarry floor where it would process agricultural lime.

Brian Bell, Molson Finlay Sales Manager, spent time working with Director, James Bullimore, listening to what he was looking for and what he needed the equipment to do. By using the knowledge and expertise he has built up over the years, Brian was able to work up the best option for the Bullimore team.

Brian said, “I have the utmost respect for everything that Bullimores do. They have been in business and been successful over such a long time that they obviously know what they are looking for. But in this particular application, I thought a slightly smaller machine, with greater flexibility and manoeuvrability than one they already have in operation, would be the better option for them.” 

Brian advised that a Terex EvoQuip Colt 800 mobile screening machine would be perfect for the Bullimores operation. It is versatile and is capable of working across a variety of materials including topsoil, construction and demolition waste recycling, aggregates, sand and gravel while its compact size ensures it is easily transported with quick set-up times. 

Brian went on to say, “This is a smaller, less expensive machine but it packs a punch. At Molson we strive to ensure that we supply the best piece of kit for our customers’ requirements. We want to work with our customers to use their experience alongside our own expertise, weigh everything up and make sure they have their ideal machine. This EvoQuip Colt 800 is perfect for the Bullimores team. It will do everything they want of it, offers superb build quality and reliability, all backed by the excellent levels of service they can expect from the Molson Group.” 

The tracked EvoQuip Colt 800 boasts a 1050mm wide feeder hopper with variable speed operation and a 2.9cu m standard capacity which extends to an optional 4.7cu m. It features a 2.77m x 1.22m double deck screen and a range of screen media. It has an operating weight of 16.7tonnes, a transport length of 9.2m and is capable of an average material throughput of 280tph. It features a compact and aggressive forward facing inclined screen and can work through a variety of materials including aggregates, sand and gravel, top-soil, construction and demolition waste recycling in applications where space is at a premium. 

Quarry Manager and Aggregates Supplier, James Bulimore, is delighted with the Colt 800. 

He said, “Its compact size means it is easy for us to transfer down to the bottom of the quarry whenever operational demands require. It hits all the production targets that we need of it and I have been impressed with the quality of service from Molson. Having used Terex equipment in the past I was reassured of its quality and strength. It’s such a solid machine.” 

With many manufacturers and dealers experiencing supply problems exacerbated by the pandemic and Brexit period, Molson Group took the opportunity to snap up as many production slots for Molson equipment and machinery as possible. As a result, it has excellent availability on all machines, despite its order books being at a record volume.

Brian said, “Customers such as Bullimores need to have confidence in the availability of pieces of plant and our ability to supply. Getting machines to them when they need them is key. Thanks to the steps taken to secure post-pandemic supply we have good availability on all the machines we offer. Customers can be assured that if they need a particular machine quickly, we can deliver.”

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