Molson partner with Lighthouse

June 27, 2023

Reach out if you need help.  We did.  Thanks to our new partnership, nobody has to feel alone. Here at Molson, we are always looking for ways to support the health and wellbeing of everyone who works in our team. That’s why we reached out to the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity, who are real experts in workforce wellbeing for our industry.

The Lighthouse Charity are perfect partners to help us do something really useful for colleagues and their families who may be struggling with anything from occupational health to depression, or making ends meet. 

While working in construction can feel really rewarding, it also produces its own stresses around potential work-related accidents or illness, among others. With current issues like the cost of living on top, it’s a tough time for employees, agencies and subcontractors alike. 

So we’re doing even more to take care of our family from now on. With the Lighthouse Charity’s help, anyone can access their 24/7 confidential helpline and speak to an expert, whatever the problem. If it’s more comfortable to text, there’s the HARDHAT 24/7 text service. 

There’s also a Self-Support wellbeing app that’s full of information from coping strategies to how to get in touch with 3000 accredited specialist organisations. 

More than that, we’re committing to training all of our managers — and every new manager who joins us — so that they can spot any potential symptoms and be the first to offer a confidential helping hand. 

The charity will be with us on site from time to time, offering talks and open forums, and the chance to speak one-on-one with their team. Plus there are 400 volunteer groups known as Lighthouse Beacons, where people can share their issues in confidence. Each one is facilitated by individuals who draw from their own lived experiences. 

We’ve already put a range of wellbeing measures in place, such as our mental health first aiders and our financial wellbeing sessions. The Lighthouse Charity’s own Wellbeing Academy and the rest of their initiatives are another step along the way to embedding mental health support and safeguarding into who we are and what we do. 

We launched our partnership with the Lighthouse Charity during Mental Health Awareness Week, which does a great job of making people stop and think about mental health. Our commitment is very much for the long term though, and from this point onwards, we guarantee that there will always be safety and support within reach. 

Annalea Ormiston, Group HR Manager says, “As an HR department we recognise the first thing we can do to help employees struggling with their mental health is to educate ourselves and workplaces at large.  Talking about mental ill-health plays a major role in helping us reduce the stigma, so staff feel more able to speak out when they are struggling”.

Bill Hill CEO of the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity said, “We are delighted to be working with Molson to help spread the word about our vital charitable services, and ensuring that their teams have access to all of the support they need to encourage a positive wellbeing environment”.