Let’s grow together – Amy’s story

March 8, 2020

Staff development is a key value throughout the Molson Group. We believe in our staff and give them the time, resource and support to develop throughout their careers with Molson. Amy Paddock is a shining example of how with the right attitude, support and opportunities, we all have the ability to grow into a key part of the business.

Born and raised in the Avonmouth area, Amy started her career at Molson back in July 2016 as a Purchase Ledger Assistant after being made redundant from her previous position. Amy remembers the search for her new employment being focused on job security, as well as being close to home. Fortunately, after spotting an advert in a local paper, she entered her application and the rest is history.

Amy’s talent, enthusiasm and ability soon caught the eye and she was quickly progressed from her role as Purchase Ledger Assistant to new position of PA to the Molson Group Service Director, Martyn Tucker. In this position, Amy’s organisation and management skills where honed as she dealt with the frantic pace of the Service team during a period of rapid growth. During this her time in this role, Amy requested to go onto serval training courses to further develop her knowledge and ability. The courses ranged from specific qualifications relating to her role with the business, to the NLP personal development training course which a number of staff within the group have now completed.

Although to some it is natural, gaining confidence in yourself doesn’t come easy for us all. With this in mind, we would like to encourage all of our staff who feel that they would benefit from some additional training to help them develop and perform better to investigate what training they believe they require and raise it with their line manager without in an open, positive discussion. As you will appreciate, we not able to go along with everything requested, but as the old saying goes – “if you don’t ask, you don’t get”.

For all of us, life can sometimes things difficult. When speaking to Amy she fondly recalled the time in her life when her children where born and how Molson supported her through this:

“I will always be grateful to Molson for the help and support I received after having my children.

I thought I would be unable to return to work after my maternity leave due to childcare issues. Although I desperately didn’t want too, I thought I would have had to leave my employment as I was unable to commit to set days / hours of work. When I raised my concerns with Martyn Tucker, he and the team at Molson took a very pragmatic approach and found a way to accommodate me. I was able to work flexible hours which allowed me to get my work done and have the balanced family time to cover childcare that I needed. Later, as my children got older, I was able to increase my working hours back up to full time”.

Always seeking additional responsibility, she was made a key part of the implementation team for the new ERP system and has recently been promoted to the role of Operations Transformation Manager (OTM). This new role will see Amy manage the post implementation continued roll out of the new ERP system within the service team. For all those that have not been involved or impacted by the roll out of the ERP system, it is safe to say that with a system this big – it is no small task.

When finishing the chat with Amy, she wanted to summarise her view on working for Molson:

“Molson is an exciting place to work and all the roles I have held have been interesting, challenging and rewarding. I personally find the directors and senior management team are very approachable and the culture they have created produces a friendly, team environment. More than that, it feels like you are part of a wider family and I really think it’s exciting to be part of a company that is on such an incredible journey”.