HD Hyundai Construction Equipment Company Profile

March 13, 2023

Molson is one of the main Hyundai dealers in the UK. Our extensive Hyundai range covers almost fifty new machines, including wheeled and crawler excavators, wheeled loaders and articulated dump trucks, in a range of weights from 1 tonne to 120 tonnes. We also have a constantly changing range of used Hyundai crawler excavators, offering exceptional value for money.

Who are HD Hyundai Construction Equipment?

HD Hyundai Construction Equipment is a division of the Hyundai Corporation, which was formed in 1985. It is part of the same South Korean group that owns the Hyundai Motor Company, along with a number of other subsidiaries in the maritime, energy and industrial sectors. The company can trace its origins back to 1947 when the Hyundai Engineering and Construction Company was first formed.

According to their 2023 annual report, Hyundai Construction Equipment ‘strives to develop construction equipment of the highest global standard, focusing on product sophistication, and actively pursues the development of eco-friendly energy solutions, such as electric excavators.’

Today, Hyundai Construction Equipment employs over 1,300 people and had an annual revenue in 2022 of £2.076bn. Their machines are sold in 140 countries across the world, with global operations centres covering the United States, Europe, India, Indonesia, China and Brazil.

Why choose Hyundai crawler excavators?

Hyundai Construction Equipment may have an impressive history, but its focus is firmly on the future. The company invests heavily in innovative engineering and smart technology to keep their construction equipment at the cutting edge of the industry, as President and CEO Choi Cheol-gon explains:

“As a provider of smart construction solutions, Hyundai Construction Equipment aims to maximize the value creation of customer businesses through safety, automation, and smart technologies,” he says in the annual report. “We enhance connectivity between people, equipment and job sites to lead in safety, digitisation, and efficiency in construction sites.”

Henry Moore, Molson Commercial Director, agrees: “The Hyundai range from Molson offers our customers complete flexibility when it comes to choosing crawler excavators,” he says. “The Molson Sales Team can help customers to select exactly the right equipment for maximum safety and efficiency on site, with options on machine weight, engine power and bucket capacity plus many more.”

Hyundai crawler excavators at Molson

The Molson range of Hyundai crawler excavators currently covers more than a dozen models, from the HX130A LCR at 13,445kg, with its 55kW engine, to the HX480A L and the mighty HX520A L both with powerful 298kW engines. All A-series machines are fully compliant with the stringent European Stage V emissions regulations.

“Our Hyundai crawler excavator range can be customised in a variety of ways,” explains Andrew. “Machines are available with different counterweights, mono- and two-piece-booms and various arm configurations. This makes them fully flexible to meet the needs of a number of sectors, including construction and demolition, forestry and quarrying, and waste and recycling.”

Other options include wheeled excavators, such as the18,700kg  HW180 and the  Hyundai HW210A, weighing in at 21,200kg with a 136kW engine, and mini excavators, with the Hyundai HX10A, weighing in at just 1,087kg with a 9.9kW engine and the 1995kg R18-9AK.

Safety first

In addition to their flexibility, Hyundai crawler excavators boast industry leading safety features. These include features such as advanced AAVM camera systems for enhanced visibility, reinforced upper and lower structures, high grade hoses and LED lights. They’re also designed for comfort, with generous cabs, climate control, air suspension seats and ergonomic controls.

Brochures for each of our Hyundai crawler excavators, and the rest of the innovative Hyundai Construction Equipment range, are available to download on our website. Alternatively, contact the Molson Sales Team or complete the contact form online.