Not all heroes wear capes, one of ours works in sales admin

March 8, 2023

Superheroes don’t only take to the skies – they’re in our workplaces, they’re on our teams, and they make a huge difference to customers and colleagues.

Dominique Hodge is just one of Molson’s superheroes. The winner of this year’s ‘Most Helpful Person Award’ is a Team Leader who works in sales admin, connecting the sales team to the rest of the business. There is a lot of order processing and managing sales invoices, which is essential to the smooth running of the business.

Why has Dominique been voted to win this award by her peers? Her can-do attitude and positive outlook uplift everyone she deals with, as Dom says: “I’m not someone who says no – if you ask me to do something, I’ll deal with it!”

As well as making light work of organising the customer orders, Dom goes the extra mile to help her team of six sales admin staff who are spread around the UK. In turn, the team supports 40 salespeople. It is easy to see there are a lot of people who are bolstered by Dominique’s drive and positivity.

In addition to leading by example on day-to-day responsibilities, Dominique also steps up to help with good causes, wrapping no less than 3,000 presents for Ukraine, and offering to help out at Avonmouth Community Centre, where she made a huge number of sandwiches.

The ‘Most Helpful Person Award’ is not decided by the management team. The winner is chosen by poll prior to the annual ‘Gathering of the Clans’ staff event where team members were invited to nominate the person they think is their most helpful colleague.

Presenting the award, Group MD Robin Powell told Dom she was chosen for her positive attitude: “You embody the Molson ethos, as nothing is too much of a problem.”

In response, Dominique said it was easy to help the sales team, and she loves working with her Molson colleagues.