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Grizzly Mills

Known as the heavyweight champion of the wood waste industry, the CBI Grizzly Mill is the backbone of our biomass recovery systems.

It is recognized worldwide as the toughest and most productive wood hog ever built. With multiple rotor types and sizes available, it can be configured specifically as a primary, secondary or tertiary grinder for waste wood (stumps, logs, demolition debris, MSW, telephone poles and railroad ties, stringy bark, yard waste, etc.) for end-product sizes ranging from 15mm–500mm.

Grizzly Mills products


Grizzly Mill

Grizzly Mills

Grizzly Mill
Weight (Kg)
6803 - 20,865
Shaft (mm)
Drum Length (mm)
900 - 1820
Rated Engine Power Output (Hp)
150 - 1200