Moody Blues

June 1, 2016

Wolverhampton based company Jack Moody Group has taken three Kobelco SK210LC crawler excavators for use at its Telford recycling centre.

The centre produces inert land ll material, soil improver and peat free composts by careful management of the biodegradation process of ‘green’ organic garden and landscaping waste.

The company also produces wood pellets, mulches, topsoils and recycled aggregates from demolition arisings.

The three new Kobelco SK210LC machines are being used to help sift and place materials at the centre as well as turning during the recycling process.

Molson area sales manager Stuart Butler brokered the deal which has seen the Jack Moody Group take the three SK210LC’s.

Stuart said: “The team at Jack Moody wanted a machine capable of standing up to the continuous, long hours they will be expected to work in the recycling yard. They also needed to have great visibility from the cab so that operators can see directly into the storage tanks.”

Kobelco’s are well known for their superb build quality and fuel-sipping performance but the three Kobelco SK210LC’s supplied to Jack Moody also offer ‘high-rise’ cabs that ensure good all round visibility.

They are powered by a HINO JO5E- TJ direct injection water cooled, turbo charged diesel engine that delivers a maximum torque of 660Nm/1,600rpm and a maximum digging force of 157Kn. Running the machine in ’Eco’ mode

offers fuel savings of as much as 18% on previous models. The SK210LC’s boast top-of-the-class working ranges with a maximum digging reach of 9900mm, a maximum digging depth of 6700mm and a maximum wall digging depth of 6100mm.

Designed with operator comfort in mind the SK210LC’s feature a large cab offering plenty of leg room and a large, wide opening door for safe and easy entrance and exit. A rear view camera is tted as standard while the machine is designed to reduce vibration into the cab by as much as 50% when excavating.

Maintenance downtime is reduced thanks to the fast and accurate information provided by the maintenance monitor display which shows essential information for accurate maintenance checks. Comfortable on-the-ground maintenance is available with easy access to the air and fuel lter compartments while safety rails provide guarded access for on- machine maintenance.

The Kobelco’s are proving to be the ideal machine for a customer that knows its business well and knows exactly what it needs from its plant eet.

Stuart said: “Jack Moody is a real success story. The history of the company goes as far back as the mid-1960’s when a 17 year-old Jack Moody bought a few gardening tools and started cycling around his home in the West Midlands looking for landscaping work. From there on it has expanded into the giant landscaping, civil engineering, recycling and garden centre business we see today. It has grown organically over the years and has become one of the leading lights in its business sector. We at Molson Group are more than happy to be able to supply machines to the team at Jack Moody.”