Sennebogen: Electric Engine – Plant Focus

June 12, 2017

The company has once again sought to bring innovation to the fore by developing its latest ‘E-series’ electrically driven machines which offer to reduce operating costs by half when compared to standard diesel powered machines.

By eliminating fuel costs and relying on lower energy costs owners are able to ensure speedier pay-back times for the Sennebogen machines than might otherwise be expected.

The latest Sennebogen 825 Electro offers a host of advantages to waste handling and sorting companies as well as boosting environmental performance.

Its electrically driven machines are extremely environmentally friendly being completely emission free with no exhaust fumes but that is just one advantage of using the E-series machines.

The electrical power pack offers operators increased comfort when working with vibration free drives and extremely low

power noise and offer high value retention through longer service life of the hydraulic components.

With low energy costs and low operating costs the E-series offer signi cantly longer maintenance intervals compared with diesel engines and with no need for fuel and oil lters/oil changes they ensure reduced maintenance costs. They also eliminate the need for fuel storage helping open up much needed space in recycling centres and waste handling yards.

The latest 825 Electro comes with an optimized, user-friendly component arrangement, increased cooling capacity, and numerous undercarriage variants. The standard electric motor offers a powerful 160 kW.

There is a further option of a stronger, more powerful 200 kW motor which is available and ideal for use in particularly heavy applications for example when handling bulk materials. The electric propulsion also means low noise

emissions, less wear and extremely quiet operation without having to stop to refuel.

The large elevating cab has a maximum height of 5.8m from top of cab to ground level and bene ts from the Sennebogen maXcab system which features an air suspended, individually adjusted heated comfort seat, large sliding easy access doors and safety railings as well as air conditioning and air particle lters.

The Sennebogen 825 material handlers work well in con ned spaces and have an operating width of 4m and an operating weight in the region of 28tonnes.

The latest machines in the Sennebogen 825 E-series are perfectly suited to use alongside the DG-30 grabs produced by another of Molson Group’s manufacturer partners, Japanese producer NPK.

Its DG series of grabs are versatile 360deg hydraulically rotatable attachments manufactured from wear resistant steel alloy. They are robust and 

ensure reduced operation costs for hard- wear applications including dismantling, loading sorting and recycling.

The high quality of their manufacture includes special hardening processes and welding procedures with heavy duty components which guarantee a long life. The DG-30 is manufactured with a very high quality bearing with adjustable open/ close and rotational speed.

The DG-30 grab requires a base unit weighing 18-30tonnes and is perfectly weighted to the Sennebogen 825 E-series machines.

The grab itself weighs 1.75tonnes and has a capacity of 800L with a closing force of 72kN. It measures in with a maximum gape of 2.41m and depth of 1.47m. It is 1.115m wide.

The NPK grab and the Sennebogen 825 E-series complement one another perfectly and are ideal for use in enclosed places where fumes from standard machines may cause problems for workers, according to Molson Group joint managing direct Robin Powell.

He said: “Both the Sennebogen and the NPK are fantastic pieces of equipment.

The NPK DG-30 grab is a robust and effective attachment, ideally suited to the recycling and waste sectors. The electrically driven Sennebogen’s can dramatically reduce operating costs while offering dramatic improvements to the working environment by reducing emissions and noise.”

For further information on the Sennebogen and NPK ranges of equipment or to arrange a demonstration please contact your area sales manager in the rst instance.