Investing in the future of talent

February 4, 2024

National Apprenticeship Week is an annual celebration that shines a spotlight on the positive contributions of apprenticeships to our team. Held during the first week of February each year, it serves as a time for reflection, appreciation, and exploration of the numerous benefits of apprenticeships to companies and individuals.

We spoke with the Molson Group Head of People, Annalea Ormiston, about her thoughts on what makes apprenticeships a valuable tool to help people find a career path that works for them.

A time to reflect

“I always believe it is crucial to reflect on the impact apprenticeships have had on countless lives. They offer a pathway for individuals to gain hands-on experience, develop practical skills, and enhance their employability. They bridge the gap between education and the professional world, fostering a skilled and dynamic workforce.  It’s also a reminder that apprenticeships are not exclusive to new entrants in the job market. Existing staff members can also benefit from apprenticeship programs to upskill and reskill them. This approach fosters a culture of continuous learning through our Academy, ensuring that employees remain adaptable and proficient in an ever-evolving professional landscape.”

Apprentices at Molson Group

“We take great pride in our commitment to fostering talent through apprenticeships. We have 11 apprentices who are contributing to our success and growing alongside our business. These individuals are a testament to the effectiveness of apprenticeships in nurturing the next generation of skilled professionals. To achieve this, we collaborate with several organisations to find individuals that would be a good fit for the wide range of opportunities we can offer.”

Lackham College Graduates:

Louis Hartley, Connor Wiltshire, and Dan Sutton (Avonmouth)

These promising individuals have recently completed their Level 2 Land-Based Engineering program at Lackham College. Their hard work and dedication have set a strong foundation for the next phase of their educational journey as they prepare to embark on Level 3 studies soon.

Estio College Graduate:

Dawda Darboe (Avonmouth)

Dawda Darboe has completed his Level 3 in Information Communications Technician at Estio College. His achievement reflects his expertise in the field and sets an inspiring example for those considering a similar path.

Middlesborough College Scholars:

Ryan Curtis and Ryan Kneale (Darlington)

Currently enrolled in Level 2/3 Land-Based Engineering at Middlesborough College, Ryan Curtis and Ryan Kneale exemplify the dedication to mastering their craft. Their commitment to their studies promises a bright future in land-based engineering.

Apprentify Apprenticeships:

Ben Hampton and Mungo Harris (Avonmouth)

Ben Hampton and Mungo Harris are actively pursuing Level 4 Sales Executive apprenticeships with Apprentify. Their dedication is evident as they work towards completing their program in March 2024. Their journey highlights the diverse career paths available through apprenticeships.

EKGTA success story:

Lewis Logan (Scotland)

Lewis Logan has recently passed his Level 2/3 Electrical Engineering program at EKGTA, showcasing his proficiency in a critical field. Lewis’s achievement reflects the high standards set by our apprentices.”

Bircham Newton College entrants:

Harry Glass (Avonmouth) and Igor Sitarski (Ruislip)

“Harry Glass and Igor Sitarski are set to begin their Level 2/3 Land-Based Engineering studies at Bircham Newton College in early February. We look forward to supporting them as they embark on this exciting educational journey.

“We take pride in the hard work and positive attitude displayed by each of our apprentices. Challenges and learning curves have marked their journey, but with perseverance and dedication, they have overcome obstacles and thrived in their respective roles. The success of our apprentices is not solely attributed to their individual efforts; it is a collective achievement fuelled by the supportive network of work colleagues surrounding them. The camaraderie and collaboration at Molson have created an environment where everyone is dedicated to fostering growth and knowledge.”

How to explore apprenticeship opportunities

“If you are interested in exploring apprenticeship opportunities at Molson Group, whether as a new entrant or an existing employee, there are several avenues to discover more.  Molson Group encourages interested individuals to visit our career page, where information about apprenticeship programs and application processes is available. Additionally, prospective apprentices can contact our Human Resources department for guidance and assistance.”

Molson Group CEO Robin Powell added, “Our industry faces significant challenges if we do not invest in new talent. Here at Molson, we are in a unique space to offer the next generation a wide range of opportunities. Our apprenticeship initiative, particularly the work we have done with the HITZ programme, has been extremely rewarding. By giving them opportunities to learn the skills and knowledge they need to get into full-time employment, we have made a meaningful and positive impact on the lives of many young people. Perhaps more so, I have been blown away by the sheer impact on those in our team that have invested the time and energy to mentor and develop them and the value it has left with them”.